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Photo Friday #4: Turkey

June 18, 2010

Fish experts in Fethiye, Turkey

One of the most popular activities to do in Fethiye, Turkey, aside from going on a blue cruise, is to head down to the fish market in the evening, purchase a fish in the market and take it to one of the surrounding restaurants who will cook it and serve it to you with salad and garlic bread for only 5TL.

Once we actually found the fish market (which isn’t marked on any maps but is round the corner from the Carrefour near the marina), we were overwhelmed with choice. A woman from one of the restaurants offered to help us choose, and figuring she knew what she was doing better than us, we accepted her assistance.

She suggested we have three prawns each, followed by sea bass (I think?) and her father would cook it for us back at the restaurant. We purchased the fish from the vendor and went back to wait for our meal.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular. Turkish food has been largely disappointing so far, but I was more than pleasantly surprised! The prawns were cooked perfectly in a lemony-garlic sauce that I was tempted to drink, and the fish came accompanied with a chilli and coriander based sauce that was fresh and just right – it didn’t overpower the fish at all.

Pictured are our personal fish shopper and her father, the wonderful chef. A must do in Fethiye! Click to see the image full size.

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