Mongolia, Photo Friday

Photo Friday #15: Mongolia

October 15, 2010

Children of the gobi desert

Children of the gobi desert

We met this feisty little blonde at a ger camp at the foot of the Khongor sand dunes in the Gobi desert. An attention-seeker, her favourite game was playing dead in the dirt, throwing stones at us or annoying the Mongolian dogs that lived at the camp (and terrified me). In the gobi, without barbie dolls or tea sets (though they do have television!) her environment is one gigantic toy.

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  • Reply Mary R October 21, 2010 at 8:40 pm

    I love this photo! She does look feisty… I also love the idea of one's surroundings as a playground, rather than plastic toys and slides! It reminds me of the Mongolian baby in the movie “Babies” and how he adapts to his environment so differently than an American or Japanese child.

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