Hong Kong, Photo Friday

Photo Friday #8: Hong Kong

August 13, 2010
Easier than scrubbing them clean in a hostel shower!

Easier than scrubbing them clean in a hostel shower!

One of the things my sister wanted to do in Hong Kong was visit the Wonderfish spa in the Peak Galleria at Victoria Peak. So with some friends, we caught the tram up and nervously (okay, maybe I was the only one who was nervous) had our feet cleaned and any cuts or mosquito bites covered with a band-aid, and stuck our feet into a tank full of Garra Rufa fish.

The advice from the friendly women who worked there was to ‘laugh it out’, and so for the first few minutes, that’s what we did. It’s the oddest, prickling, tickling sensation as the fish attach themselves to your skin and nibble away. After a few minutes, the sensitivity does indeed wear off, but you never quite relax into it. Or at least, I didn’t.

Thirty minutes later, we took our feet out of the tank (slowly, so as not to fling poor, unsuspecting Garra Rufa fish all over the spa) and were surprised. My feet in particular were cleaner, smoother and pinker than they had been possibly since I’d been born. All the dead skin around my heels and above my toenails was gone – and so was the dirt that I’d thought was suntan on the tops of my feet!

I think I’ll definitely be seeking these fish out again at some stage during the trip…!

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