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Trichloroacetyl chloride

Category: Organic materials

Product name: Trichloroacetyl chloride.
Molecular Formula: CL3C2OCL
CAS No.: 76-02-8

colorless transparent flow liquid, with irritative odor, fume in moist air. Boiling point118~120oC(0.1Mpa), Density 1.6329(20/4oC), Refractive index nD1.4700.

It is a good acylating agent and intermediate of organic synthesis , widely used in pesticides, pharmaceuticals, organic intermediates and fine chemicals synthesis. As to pesticides, Trichloroacetyl chlorine is the main raw material in the synthesis of 3,5,6-trichloropyridin-2-ol sodium ( key intermediate of CHLORPYRIFOS), it is also the main raw material of high efficient low toxicity herbicide "Puma" antidote and forest herbicide "carlon"; in the field of medicine, it is mainly used in the synthesis of antibiotics, fungicides and multi-ring antibiotics; Trichloroacetyl chlorine and biphenol are the raw material of multi-ring aromatic ether, which is the high-grade additive of polyamide (nylon) and polyester industry.

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