New Zealand

New Zealand: Why wait?

March 23, 2011

Back in 2009, I was lucky enough to be invited on a road trip across New Zealand’s south island (all in the name of work, of course).

To be honest, I’d never been particularly fussed by New Zealand. Christchurch is only a four hour hop across the Tasman from Sydney and I figured I’d make it there someday, but in the meantime? Plenty of other corners of the globe to explore.

Turns out I should have been paying attention to all those 100% Pure New Zealand advertisements they always play in Australian cinemas before the movie starts.

Because New Zealand? Is pretty spectacular.

I’ve got plans to go back in December, and this time I’m taking two friends and everything we need to make living in a campervan comfortable. Because why wait?

Roaring Meg, South Island, NZ

This post is part of Blog4NZ. Blog4NZ is a grass-roots effort on the part of the international travel blogging community to promote all that is good about travel in New Zealand, Canterbury and Christchurch. It is a worldwide blogging event that is running from the 21st to 23nd of March — the one-month anniversary of the quake.

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