Travel Links

Although I’m more fussy about what I add to Google reader these days, reading travel blogs and other websites dedicated to travel were what inspired me to take my own extended RTW journey. The ones below are some of my favourites.

Legal Nomads

If you’re into food and good quality long reads, Jodi’s fantastic blog is for you.

Uncornered Market

Audrey and Dan’s travel blog is incredibly comprehensive with beautiful pictures – they’ve been on the road for more than 1,000 days! They’ve even visited Antarctica.

Positive World Travel

As well as being good friends of mine, Anthony and Elise are two of my favourite travel bloggers! Check out their new ebook about riding a motorbike around Vietnam.

The Siracusas

I was lucky enough to meet the lovely Romana and charming Emanuele during their time in Sydney. Stunning, National Geographic-esque photography and thoughtful words.

Globetrotter Girls

The Globetrotter Girls have been on the road for more than 600 days. Generous and always happy to respond to emails, if you’re after excellent and comprehensive travel tips gleaned from their time spent in Latin America, they’re the ones to ask!


Sherry Ott calls herself a corporate American runaway, and she’s yet another inspiration to independent female travellers looking to take a break from their careers. Sherry has travelled throughout Asia, and spent some time living and teaching English in Vietnam.

A Little Adrift

Shannon is another long-term female traveller. Her eleven month RTW trip took her through Asia and Europe, including some volunteering stints in Cambodia and Nepal. She’s currently (May 2010) travelling in Central America.

Jamie Sinz

A true world citizen, Jamie has called Tennessee, Portland, Thailand and Shanghai home. Currently, she’s photographing her adventures in San Francisco.

The Wide, Wide World

The Wide, Wide World family took off for their adventure in 2008, and their posts are a great resource to travellers looking to plan their own trip. Some great videos from the kids!

Six in the World

The Andrus family are the original family RTW travellers. Their blog is fascinating and goes to show that children get more out of travelling than we might think. They were even featured on Oprah during the final stages of their trip.

Nancy Chuang

Nancy Chuang’s travelogues feature fantastic photography and great tips on travelling as a female in the Middle East.

Full Passport

Wes and Jill have been back from their trip for years now, but during their four year trip they kept daily journals. Real grass-roots travellers, they visited countries like Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and El Salvador independently.

Last updated December 2011